Lagos, Nigeria is lovely to some people while others loathe it with a passion. Those who loathe it have their reasons while those who love it also have theirs.
Notorious traffic situations, bad roads, traffic robberies and high cost of acquiring accommodation are some of the reasons why people dislike Lagos.
For me, I love the fast paced lifestyle.
I dislike the traffic situations and it’s attendant robberies but hey, with the traffic situations also come the traffic traders.
In Lagos traffic one can eat breakfast, lunch and buy stuff for preparing dinner. You can buy almost anything you need whilst in traffic on Lagos roads. 
From this picture, above, you can see a Toyota Sienna having the wiper changed while moving slowly in traffic at Mile 2 area of Lagos. You can also see another business being transacted to the right.
I had actually witnessed a man who sells car radio un-install an old unit and reinstall a new car CD player in a commercial bus while the bus was moving slowly in traffic in Lagos.
Fantastic city. Lagos our Lagos.

What’s your take on Lagos, love it or loathe it?

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