I used to lament that we that live in Lagos, Nigeria experience the worst forms of traffic jams but the event of last week in China took the air from our sails. 

50 mile-wide traffic jam. Images courtesy of Carscoops.

Imagine getting stuck in a 50 lane-wide traffic that stretched for miles as road users travelled through the country during the last day of celebration of their week-long National Day celebration. That movement involved an estimated 750 million people moving through the country. 

According to Carscoops,”the several miles-long carmageddon on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway was caused due to a very narrow second checkpoint on the other side of the 50-lane wide tollbooth”. 

Even the traffic Lagos experienced last week when our No 2 visited is most definitely nothing close to this.

But one good thing i noticed is that in the midst of this chaos, there still seems to be some semblance of order as the cars are all well aligned and have spaces in-between them unlike what would have obtained here in Lagos.

Imagine running out of fuel while still in this queue. 

I refuse to imagine being in such traffic.

Lagos Traffic. Image courtesy of BBC News.

                                                   Video courtesy of Youtube.

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