Tricycles popularly called “Tuk-tuk” in India, Rickshaw in some other countries and “Keke” in Nigeria has become a means of transportation in many countries of the world especially in areas serving mass markets.

They come in various guises and are mostly seen as noisy and relatively unbalanced in comparison to cars.

Setting a New World Record.

But a man in Chennai, India, Jagathish M has brought more relevance to these three-wheelers as he just earned a Guinness World Record by skiing a motor-tricycle, that is driving it on two wheels for a distance of 2.2 km (1.37 miles). Awesome.

Reports from Guinness World Records have it that Jagathish spends his day as a Tuk-tuk driver while practicing extreme stunts in the night.

His efforts seem to have paid off as the 27 year old has now officially been recognized and crowned the record holder for this unique category.

Quoting GWR, he enthused thus; “I never thought this record was achievable, but … I am satisfied.”

Congratulations Jagathish. Now you share such honour with driving legends like Terry Grant and Paul Swift.

I pray our Nigerian riders will break this record. Yes, that record needs to come to Nigeria.

                                                          Video credit; Youtube.

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