I am so proud of one car company right now; Mitsubishi because their logo is now proudly emblazoned on a brand-new commercial jetliner, the new MRJ, short for Mitsubishi Regional Jet.

Yes, some other car makers also have a historical association with the skies either as an engine supplier or maker of a full aeroplane but in this our generation, Mitsubishi has designed and built the first commercial aeroplane to compete with other big-time players. Designed and built in Japan, whoa.
Mitsubishi Regional Jet. Image courtesy of CNN

The plane, a twin-engine regional jet that can seat between 70 and 90 passengers made it’s first flight from Nagoya airport today and successfully flew around the Pacific Coast during a 1.5 hour flight. 

According to information available from their website, it exceeded their expectaions in terms of operational performance.

Japan's First Ever Passenger Jet Just Took Its Maiden Flight
M.R.J. Image courtesy of Gizmodo.

Further flight tests are to be conducted while the first deliveries are scheduled for the second quarter of 2017.
Congrats Mitsubishi. 
I hope we get it here in Nigeria, just kidding.

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