Remember i posted about the planned Road Roar being embarked on by the Superbike Clubs Association of Nigeria (SCAN), it successfully started and is ongoing right now. As they have been tearing up the tarmac and having fun all the way. If you missed it, please read here: The Superbike Clubs Association of Nigeria Set To Organize First-Ever Open National Riding Event.

The Superbike Clubs Association of Nigeria (SCAN) has organized a five-day road tour, called the Road Roar, which involves riding from Gombe state to Lagos state in a non-direct route, passing through Kaduna, Bida, Ilorin, Ibadan and on to Lagos.

Awesome time at Kaduna courtesy of the Infinite Riders Motorcycle Club.

The RR, which rides on the theme of “One Road, One Heart One Nation”, is providing a unique platform to experience adventure, tourism, and culture as the participants ride through different cities in Nigeria in an uncommon show of brotherhood and patriotism, engaging in acts of charity, and appreciating, discovering and reveling in the beauty of the
Nigerian landscape.
Brunch at Auchi, Edo State.

The RR is not an exclusive event, and is open to everyone irrespective of affiliations, or nationalities. Participants will also receive a certificate of completion from SCAN in recognition of their efforts, sacrifices and accomplishments.
Crossing the Nige
Enjoy photos from their trip so far.

For more updates on the Road Roar visit: [2] [3]

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Check out more pictures below…..

At Abaji, Abuja.
Time for a quick biscuit break.
F.D. in Nassarawa.
Gombe R.R.
Kilishi (local dried and spiced meat) factory. 
Nassarawa State.

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