Some people just seem to be perpetually high on something and take misbehaviour to the high heavens.

Or how does one explain this police chase in Australia that ended when the suspect had a tire puncure while evading the police, got out of his car, tried stealing another car unsuccessfully and runs away on foot while clutching a dog under his armpit, and doing all this under the patient and watchful eyes of a police helicopter hovering right above the scene and videoing everything.

Man Ends Police Chase On Foot, Attempts To Steal Several Cars All While Carrying A Dog
Evading the police while carrying a dog. Image courtesy of Jalopnik.

According to Jalopnik, “ Australian police arrested an unnamed 24-year old man for several offenses committed during a recent police chase—complete with reckless driving and an attempted car jacking—all while carrying a dog under his arm. 

Something punctured a tire as the car drove down Gold Coast Highway and caused the man to finally pull to the side of the road. He hops out and runs right up to another car with what appears to be a knife in the hand that’s not holding the dog, but has no luck trying to negotiate (that’s the best way to put it) what police allege to be a theft of the vehicle. When the other driver won’t cough up the keys, he takes off in the other direction.
Running through a residential area with the dog still under his arm, police allege that the man attempted to steal two other cars before being caught and arrested”. 

I hope he carries the dog into his new cell.

                                                    Video credit: Youtube.

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