Do you like the outdoor, adventure packed lifestyle and will like to keep a record of those your action moves with an action camera, track your movement for increased security, navigate like a pro that knows his way well, listen to great songs, alert emergency response teams of an accident, communicate with others and do so much more while using just one device that doesn’t need your hands to hold or operate it thereby leaving your hands to do those things you need them to do. Yes, the Mohawk Fusar is here to revolutionize any helmet.

Built for ease of use, it seamlessly does several tasks for you while you have the fun of your life.

Fusar Mohawk smart helmet
Helmet equipped with the Fusar Mohawk. Images courtesy of Digital Trends.

According to Digital Trends , “the camera, which Fusar claims to be the most aerodynamic mounted unit on the market, allows users to capture 12MP photos and shoot 1080p video at 30 or 60 FPS via the touch of a button on a handlebar or wrist-mounted remote. Short press the button on your BRC (Bluetooth remote controls) to snap a photo, and long press to record video. The media instantly syncs to your smart phone. Real-time videos can be uploaded to social media with the HotShot feature, which can be activated anytime to save the last 15 seconds of footage, even if you weren’t recording.

Fusaw Mohawk smart helmet Bluetooth controls
Handlebar mounted controls.

Mohawk can be synced to your smartphone, providing walkie-talkie style communication and GPS tracking for up to 12 friends and fellow riders, keeping everyone together. This should reduce the stress of teaching the newbies to properly interpret hand signals!

How much air did you catch on that last trail jump? Were you knee-down on that third bank? Onboard sensors allow you to track air time, degree of lean, and more using a built-in 3-axis accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope.

A major fear for solo riders is taking a fall when no one else is around. In a crash involving head or spinal trauma, every minute is crucial, and if you’re lying unconscious or unable to move, what can you do but wait for passersby to call for help? Mohawk is equipped to notify loved ones and emergency contacts via text and email in the event of a crash. It also provides them with a map to your precise location and the phone numbers of the three nearest EMS dispatchers.

If you do go down, the black box records the last two minutes of audio and video, your speed and direction of travel. This can be beneficial afterwards, especially for insurance purposes”.

Fusar Mohawk smart helmet mounted

This is one of the reasons i am happy to be a part of this generation.

Watch the accompanying video for more information.

                                                    Video credit: Youtube.

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