It is heart warming to realize that despite all the challenges we all experienced throughout the year in one way or the other we are alive, hale and hearty to witness this glorious first day in the month of December.

Courtesy of Watch Me Watching You.

It is also exciting to realize that by the end of this month, this blog shall be one year old. Yes, we started this journey on the 31st of December, 2014. The intention was to start at the stroke of midnight; i.e, 00:00 hrs of January, 2015 but my computer and the server’s time zones hadn’t been synchronized then so my first post still fell into 2014 but it’s all good.

We look forward to that day to celebrate our birthday and shall keep y’all posted.

Thanks be to God Almighty who has made all these possible. As a God who never leaves any project unfinished, i humbly implore you to help us finish this year individually and collectively on a much brighter and successful note than we did last year and all glory shall be yours now and forever more, Amen.

While we look forward to a better year.


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