The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has been working non-stop towards making our roads safe for all. As part of their mandate in this regards, it has come up with the ICE movement.
Not ICE for frozen water or ice cream rather an ICE that will help make a road crash victim easier to be helped and probably saved. This simply means In Case of Emergency (ICE).
FRSC Logo. Image courtesy of Informationng.
With this, they are advocating that you store a name on the number of a very important close relation of yours under the name ICE on your phone.
This will make it easier for the person to be reached in case of an accident or emergency while traveling.
In their words, “one of the greatest challenges being faced by rescue agencies during accidents is who to call.
This had led to loss of lives.
Kindly store your relation’ number with that name, if possible have ICE 1,ICE 2 or even ICE 3.
Importantly too, we will advise you remove all passwords on your phone while travelling.
You may restore them on getting to your destination.
It will give room for easy access to your phone in case of an emergency.
Lastly, make sure you have enough credit or airtime too, not flashing credit please. This will also enable people to be able to call your relations in case of an emergency. Some Nigerians are very  stingy with their credit, they may not spare theirs to save you”.
So as you get this message, please share with your contacts so that we all can do our best in assisting the FRSC in saving precious lives on our roads.
Remember that ‘trouble does not write letter of application before striking’. 
And do have a very safe motoring this season and beyond.
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