It is a crime to get involved in a road crash and run away from the crash site in all sane countries. Unfortunately many people always do the contrary as they run from crash scenes especially crashes that they played a major causative part.
In most cases such drivers are not successfully tracked by the law enforcers especially where there are no witnesses or traffic monitoring cameras.
Woman's Car Rats Her Out After She Tries To Pull A Hit And Run: Cops
Image courtesy of Jalopnik.
But in an incident that happened in Florida recently, a 57 year old hit and run driver learnt the hard way that cars have conscience and don’t hide crimes-when they are equipped with the ability to talk. Her car, a Ford Focus equipped with the new Ford’s 911 Assist System did what it is programmed to do; call the police once the car is involved in a crash.
The woman, Cathy Bernstein hit a truck and rear-ended a minivan before fleeing from the scene but her car dutifully placed the call to the police reporting the incident and the police swung into action using the call to document the report and track her. Much expectedly when asked if she ran from a crash site she lied. 
According to Jalopnik, “after the car called 911, the dispatcher called Bernstein to confirm:
Dispatcher: … your car called in saying you’ve been involved in an accident. It doesn’t do that for no reason. Did you leave the scene of an accident?
Bernstein: No, I would never do that”.
Well kudos to Ford, at least we now know that your cars are truthful
Next time maybe she should try using a donkey who won’t talk when she gets into another crash.
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