I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is an ‘armoured tank’ made in Ghana by a Ghanaian. The Katanka armoured car was manufactured by Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo, a man with an array of several creative products to his credit  which includes cars that seem ridable.  

This his new product was displayed to the admiration of the Ghana millitary and a large crowd who thronged to admire the efforts of one of their kith. Watching the video, it seems like the tank can do a 360 degrees turn around, that is the unit housing the gun turrets and rammer. The rammer makes it look like a land-based aircraft with no plans of take-off. It is also revealed that there is a CCTV camera helping the operator inside it to maintain a good view of his external surroundings.

I Can't Tell If This Certifiably Insane Tank Design Is Serious Or Not
Katanka Armoured Tank. Image courtesy of FoxtrotAlpha.

There are several gun turrets, a flame thrower and the ability to dispense several rounds of ‘timed bombs’. And it can be seen that mobility is enhanced by the use of tires not tracks. 

I was seriously looking forward to seeing the tank discharge thunderous rounds of gunfire only for it to start firing rocket fireworks. Their description of the dream of this machine; “this machine is important for the army and can contribute successfully to national defense. The purpose of this car is not revolutionary, but for maintenance of security, national defense and peace-keeping missions”, now made me laugh as if in its current state they want to give it to their army or police, that would be suicidal.

In this state, the only prospect i see for it is to send some units to NIgeria so that our ‘rocket/knockout/banger’ loving people can use it to celebrate their Christmas with launching their ‘rocket’ bangers and praying that the police won’t be their best friend since these ‘knockouts’ are even outlawed. Yet some people would rather dare the authorities.

On the good side, it shows that given the opportunity and resources, Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo can really create something that will place Ghana on the international armsmakers charts. 

Actually, this demonstration was done in 2013 but since ‘boys’ae looking for rocket throwers for the Christmas celebrations, i decided to introduce this to them. Who says mischief is not sweet?

Seriously, you need to watch this video.

                                                         Video credit: Youtube.

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