There is a popular saying that “when a man is in love, a new mumu (wisdom deficient individual) is born”. 

How else does one explain why a certain Vidal Valladares Navas of Houston decided that of all places in the whole world he would illegally shut down a busy highway with his friends just to propose to his girlfriend?

Dangerous proposal. Image courtesy of Imgur

Vidal and his girlfriend of one and a half years, Michelle Wycoff were on their way to a white and black themed event with some other friends and family members in a convoy of eight cars when they stopped all the cars at a particular spot where they could see the ‘perfect view of Houston’s lit up skyline’to pop the question.

The I-45, one of the busiest roads in USA ‘stood still’ forcefully for the disaster courting party to exhibit their selfish and dangerous act.

In his own words, “i said, why not stop traffic for a couple of minutes and just propose right there? .

On a highway? Risky but worth it”.

Can you beat that?

Image courtesy of Jalopnik.

They just stopped the traffic not minding the danger of cars being forced to run into each other or even into their proposal spot and the attendant unnecessary delay their action would have caused other road users. Granted he could say he took just a couple of minutes but flights could have been missed due to that, emergencies could have escalated due to that one act. 

The good thing is that been mindless enough to do such also meant that they would also be mindless enough to record the whole incident on camera and somehow it found its way to social media then the authorities and voilà, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has charged him with Obstruction of Highway, a Class B misdemeanor.
To fully understand how selfish and thoughtless they were you need to hear more of Vidal’s words to KTRK; “love makes you do stupid things and I wanted to do something big for my girl. Something that she will always remember. I never really thought about causing an accident. I thought about my girlfriend”.

Eh my man, don’t try that again.

On the flip side, one can bet that the lady being proposed to is still in high heavens that her man made the road ‘stand still’ for her. 

My own vex will start if their union doesn’t last for the next 30 years minimum. 

                                                        Video credit: Youtube.
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