There are several models of cars that are one-off editions commissioned by rich clients or simply as concepts or as proof that a car company can breathe life into any design that suits their fancy.

The Sultan of Brunei is one rich man who commissioned hundreds of one-off cars from practically all the high-end luxurious and performance car makers the world ever saw. Usually such creations are the epitome of exclusivity and affluence when commissioned by clients.
But out of the blues suddenly came this special Mercedes Benz Royale 600.
Mercedes Benz Royale 600. Image courtesy of Carscoops.
Quite unlike most other one -off cars, this is a very well put together looking car. Blending a perfect mix of much older Mercedes models and current models. And the result is astounding looking save for the large grille that seems a bit out of place from the front but on the other hand also, you remember that this creation is meant to bring several generations together. Just like sending your grandmother in her 80s for plastic surgery and botox treatment. While remembering to include a diet of steroids for her to make her new looks match her performance.
From the front looking at the profile making it look like a model from either Bentley or a sporty Rolls Royce, but the front, back, and side air vents ensure you know that this is one heck of a peculiar-looking Mercedes Benz.
Can’t wait to get more information on this car. It was spotted in California and i really like it and wish Mercedes will put it into production. 
It will look great as a state car. 
Or what do you think?

                                                         Video credit: Youtube.

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