It is always advised that you clean off snow, stones or other debris off the roof of your car before driving off. This is to help make our roads safe for all because once you hit the road and pick up speed, whatever you had on your roof will get blown off and probably fall onto the path of following traffic or as in this sad incident, fall directly on the windscreen of a car following you.
Image courtesy of Jalopnik
This is also the reason why trucks carrying stones or sand need to cover their cargo with appropriate covers. To avoid causing avoidable incidents. Imagine what could have happened if the driver of the ‘victim’ Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon had not safely brought his car under control after ice flew off the roof of a car driving up front of it. Fortunately, his stopped safely, unfortunately, he had his windscreen damaged, his wiper arm damaged and his side mirror also damaged.
Though the video shows that he could have made more attempt at dodging the inbound sheet of ice but he explained that he felt the it would have fallen on the road unfortunately, his judgment was wrong.
The truth is that i once had such nasty experience along the Gbagada section of Anthony-Oworonshoki expressway, Lagos several years ago. Then i was driving a Volkswagen Beetle when out of the blues while on speeds of around 70kph, the entire windscreen shattered right in my face. I quickly checked and realized the culprit was a truck carrying stones on the opposite lane who just kept going oblivious of the extreme damage his cargo just caused. 
Unfortunately, i couldn’t do anything except to swallow my bitter pill. But the lesson i leanrt was that Volkswagen Bettle did not have safety laminated front windscreens as it broke to smithereens scattering all over the place.

                                              Video credit: Youtube.

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