Recently a woman cheated death from an accident that could have gone fatal when a bird flew smack right into her windscreen while she was on motion, driving from Seattle to Portland. 
Sara Altschule was driving her Honda Civic on her way to a girls meet-up with her friends when the unfortunate incident occured. Luckily, she was able to safely and successfully bring the car under control and stop despite the impact with the bird on her speed on the highway.
Courtesy of Jalopnik
According to Jalopnik in her words; “all of a sudden I saw something black in the sky coming at me. As soon as I noticed it, it hit my front windshield, leaving me completely shocked. With my windshield shattered and thousands of pieces of glass all over me, I pulled into the emergency lane. 

How I did this without getting into a horrible car accident, I don’t even know. When I got over, I realized I had bloody feathers on me. It was a bird that had crashed into my window. I called 911 and the ambulance and fire department came to help me. I survived with only a couple of minor

scratches. The fire fighters said they’ve seen a lot of things, but a bird flying into a car isn’t one of them.

I had glass in my mouth, and glass all over my hair, and I was pulling little pieces of
glass out from my skin”
Isn’t she lucky?
I know if this were to have happened in Nigeria some old woman somewhere would have been labeled the witch from her village on her case. 
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