How can someone be this heartless?
Some states in US have been having heavy snow storms that have been making driving difficult for many.
One such driver in Charlotte, North Carolina, Marvin Jacob Lee, who sadly was drunk while driving, lost control of the car, spun out and got stuck in the snow.
Worst Person In NC Gets Car Stuck In Snow, Allegedly Murders Guy Who Came To Help
World’s worst killer. Image courtesy of Jalopnik.
At about 5pm, when the incident happened, some other road users came to rescue him when they discovered him apparently intoxicated and belligerent so decided to instead call the police to come help them.
And all hell were let loose as Lee pulled out a gun and started shooting the same people that came to help him.
They all ran but unfortunately, one of them, a 26 year old single father, Jefferson Heavner got hit and fell.
That was when Lee too his devilish action to the next level by going over to the injured Jefferson and shot him several more times killing him instantly.
After which he went back to his car  until the police came with an armoured SWAT team and arrested him.
 May Jefferson’s soul find rest in the Lord. Amen.
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