Uruguay has made herself happy by constructing a bridge linking two counties: Rocha and Maldonado, and to serve the local lagoon shoreline which is under new development. It’s expected to bring in tourists and serve as the cultural centerpiece to the developing area, with the bridge acting as an observation and fishing deck.

Images courtesy of Jalopnik.

No biggie right?

‘Prnaking The N makes it a no and on depending on the direction of view.

Yeah, afterall, bridges are being built on a regular basis.

This is where it makes the news because this bridge is circular right in the middle of the water. And their reason for building this more expensive structure if to force drivers to reduce their speed while driving on the bridge and serve as a beauty spot to the town and where people can come to observe nature. (For real?)

I really hope the money spent in build this would serve its purposes and intents.

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