In anticipation of changing warfare scenarios in the nearest future, Russian military has started training her men in the frigid Arctic Region. 
Images courtesy of Foxtrot Alpha.
Russia’s Ministry of Defense recently released pictures of the Soldiers of the Northern Fleet Motorized Rifle Brigade undergoing trainings in the same conditions as the natives who had lived in those regions for centuries. 
Meaning, no warm tracked-cars, armoured or un-armoured, no helicopters or other engined modes of movement. Rather, reindeer and dog powered sleds and camping in traditional tents called ‘Chums’ which are tepee-like traditional shelter used by Siberian nomadic people under temperatures nudging a freezing – 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 
Nice move Russia. But I wonder how many years we have before that region will start experiencing the types of unrest the warmer regions are presently experiencing. 
But it is good to as the Boy’s Scout will say; “always be prepared”. 
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