The year is just two months old and a new Dundee of the year has been crowned. 
Or how can you describe a young man of 30 years who went to a Taco Bueno restaurant in Texas to apply for a job, filled his details in the application documents, walked out to the parking lot and stole a Nissan 280Z belonging to a customer?
Courtney Cordell Wheat is our new daft law breaker. 
Image courtesy of NJ Employment.
Jalopnik reports that: “the owner left it running outside of the restaurant when he made a quick stop to get a meal left off of his order, and Wheat walked out of the restaurant as he walked in.
Throwing out a potential job for the dollar signs in his eyes, Wheat hopped in the running car. The owner, Brandon Jones, saw the car “just dip down” and knew someone was inside of it. KLTV reports that Jones ran outside and tried to break the car window with Wheat inside of it, but was unsuccessful. Jones said Taco Bueno manager attempted to follow the car, but couldn’t catch it.
Since Wheat finished filling out his job application just minutes before, police identified him almost immediately and notified enforcement to keep an eye out for the car. Duh, dude. You should have seen that one coming.
Police found Wheat and the Nissan at a Budget Inn, taking him to Gregg County Jail for unauthorized use of a vehicle. Rather than making a bland statement, a representative for the police department was rather bewildered”.
Just see how people prefer to waste their precious youth locked up behind bars by committing senseless crime.
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