Eleko Beach
Eleko Motor Race is the brainchild of young Nigerian motorsport enthusiasts, Mr. Bamidele
Fadimiluyi and Mr. Edward Osakwe, who brought together a team of like-minded people who
share their vision. 

Its primary aim is to use the platform of motorsport to enhance knowledge
of automobile science and engineering and educate the general public as to the automotive
potential of everyday off-road cars and SUVs, as well as specially-modified/created racing

The next event is scheduled to hold on the 20th of February and with this the Eleko
Motor Race hopes to establish a framework for the growth of motorsport in Nigeria. 
In co-ordination and with the full support of local community and their leaders in Eleko, the
Eleko Motor Race has been able to host mixed rally events with rally stages on public roads
and dirt tracks, and time trials on Eleko Beach and Igando. The events, featuring a variety of
surfaces including asphalt, gravel, sand and red dirt, have been designed and set up to
highlight the variety of condition faced by Nigerians, and showcase the vehicles (and their
features) which are best suited for the climate. 

 The events also focus on the driving skills of the racers (including driving safety) and their ability to deal with the varied conditions they face. The first race was held at the end of 2014, and since then the organizers have been able to host more events in 2015. 

The last event was held on the 18th of July 2015 featuring 8 teams and drivers. 

At this event the second driver for Team Effiong (a team featuring both a husband and a wife) became the first woman to win the race, posting a new record for the 800 meter time trial special stage. 

Through these events, the organizers of Eleko Motor Race have been able to steadily raise the profile of motorsport in Nigeria and attract the interest and support from international organizations, like the FIA (and the FIA Action for Road Safety), as well as sponsorship from automotive and lifestyle brands like OMP and Sick Rabbit. 

To put it simply, Eleko Motor Race can be seen as a major step towards re-energizing and rejuvenating Nigerian motorsport culture and legacy. 

Check out more pictures from previous races…..

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