I love my reverse camera because it gives me a broader view of where i am reversing into especially the blind spots. But i have to look down at my centre console before i can use it.

General Motors has just gotten approval from the top automotive safety body in the US, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in order to start utilizing a new feature that instead of displaying the camera feed on a screen on the centre console, now converts the inside rearview mirror into the camera screen when your engage the reverse gear and returns the mirror to its role afterwards.

Ironically, this feature is already in use in the new Cadillac CT6 and incase you are wondering how come it was used without approval, it turns out that technically, “a vehicle is not required to have an “interior rear-view mirror” under the current safety standards as long as it has a passenger-side outside rearview mirror.

The new feature tagged; the ‘Full Display Mirror’, will now most probably see much more installation in more models under the GM group.

In a letter released today, according to Jalopnik,” the approval comes from the final paragraph, which reads, while the Full Display Mirror is an item of motor vehicle equipment that performs additional driver activated functions, we do not believe that the fact that it performs such functions alters its basic identity as an item that includes an ‘inside rearview mirror of unit magnification.”

Images courtesy of Jalopnik.
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