There have been massive recalls in the auto industry of late and even Toyota was also affected as millions of their cars were recalled for one reason or the other. 

A fresh finding reveal that some units of the 2011 RAV4 and RAV4 EV crossovers have rear seatbelts with the tendency to cut after coming in contact with steep parts from the seat frames, therefore not being able to restrain the rear occupants.

Toyota RAV4. Image courtesy of Carscoops.

This startling discovery was made after the Canadian Transport Ministry had to reconstruct the events before, during and after a fatal crash involving a RAV4. In the said crash, the front occupants survived but the rear seat ones died

According to Reuters, “the ministry made the discovery after reconstructing a crash involving a 2011 RAV4 in Canada in which the front occupants survived, but the rear passengers perished. Apparently, in a severe front-impact crash, rear seatbelts can be cut after coming in contact with steel parts from the seat frames, failing to restrain the passengers. 

The Japanese car manufacturer apparently was aware of the finding due to a separate report from the US, in which a rear seat passenger sustained injuries because of a severed seatbelt – although Toyota added that it had not been able to make a connection with injuries or fatalities”. 

Just check your VIN to know if your vehicle is one of those affected by these recalls, now you have seen more reasons to take such recalls seriously. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ right?

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