There are too many deaths and sad incidents arising from use of illegal drugs these days and one is forced to wonder if truely the citizens of this world have lost it. Everyday there are reports of senseless and unwarranted deliberate and inadvertent killings occurring while still under the influence.
Guy On Drugs Kills CarMax Salesman During Corvette Test Drive: Cops
Demetro, Smale and the crash scene. Image credit; Jalopnik.

A new report informs of the brutal death of a 43 year-old Warren Smale when he died in a car crash when riding as a passenger as 28 year-old Alex Demetro tested a Corvette being sold by CarMax car dealership in Ontario, California, USA.
Warren was a salesman with CarMax so had to go for the test-drive with Demetro who was alleged to be driving the car at speeds of upto 70 mph when he crashed into a tree killing Warren instantly.
Demetro was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence of drugs and is being held on $100,000 bail in a San Bernardino County jail.
Warren’s co-workers says this is part of their job hazards according to Jalopnik; “it’s a part of our job, the test drives,” co-worker Lydia Garrett said. “I know Warren … he probably had no clue, I’m sure.”

A number of co-workers gathered at the crash site Tuesday night, where they remembered Smale as fun-loving and full of life.

Kerissa Schartner heard the crash and went outside, where she saw Smale still in the passenger seat and Demetro sitting on the ground holding his shoulder.

“I think he was probably shocked,” Kerissa Schartner said.

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