I earlier posted about two grannies that went shopping in a powerful Lamborghini Muceilago. Now I am posting about this 81yrs old woman also driving another powerful car in Poland; a Subaru STi.
Well, we should celebrate women because today is their day and a lot of them have made the world really proud.
                                                                       Video credit: Youtube.

These grannies have shown that we should not neglect those old women we meet as they still have a lot of fire going for them and might even beat some younger folks to their own game.
Sorry, this video is entirely in Polish (whaddoyaexpect?) but from what i gathered, she loves Subaru cars and as the report from BelegUS via Jalopnik states;  “hates people who drive too closely, as she has really strong brakes, and if she brakes she soon has them all in trunk. Stiff ride does not bother her, as she has couch in her home, and car should have this sporty feeling”. 
And to think it’s a manual transmission yet many folks today can’t even drive a stick well. Phew, can i borrow her as my grannie for one year?
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