Do you think your grandma is cool?
Naa, i don’t think so because when you watch the video on this post, you will see probably two of the world’s coolest grandmas as they drive a Lamborghini Murcielago for shopping.
Watch These Two Grannies Run Errands In A Lamborghini For A Day
Image courtesy of Jalopnik.
The wahala statred when they couldn’t find how to engage the reverse gear right there infront of the garage almost crashing into the garage dorr.
Finally they made it off and had a blast tearing down the streets like two badass video vixens, tooting and hooting along.
After the shopping round two of the wahala was trying to locate the boot/trunk of the car to place their groceries. And this didn’t let them pass up on a fine ‘young’ gentleman who came to question if it was their car.
I must commend the lady’s ability to drive that over 600hp supercar with such calmness and fluidity. But truth be told, i won’t let my grandma drive mine.
Will you?

                                                Video credit; Youtube.

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