450-ton dump trucks are monstrous vehicles used in the mining industries to haul heavy and bulky soil and other materials over very rough terrains.

Even the drivers need to climb several flights of steps in order to enter into their driving compartments.

Watch A 450-Ton Dump Truck Absolutely Pancake A Car
Crushing a car into metallic pancake. Image courtesy of TruckYeah.

The sheer size of these vehicles give them loads of blind-spots thereby making it difficult for their drivers to see or notice ‘smaller’ objects like cars or human beings in their path of operation.

Usually, the result of such encounters are better not imagined because, they just obliterate whatever they meet on their path.

A recent TV shoot just futher showed the end product of a Ford Escort car ran over by one of these 450-tons behemoths. The Ford was just instantaneously crashed for recycling.

Please avoid them once you sight them. Maintain at least 12 meters away from them especially once they are in operation.

                                              Video credit: Youtube.

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