Two brave and intelligent children who feared that their father was too impaired from the influence of alcohol to be driving cleverly reported him to the police and still successfully tricked him to stop so that the police can arrest him.
Image courtesy of KUTV/Twitter.
Mackenzie Behrens, 14, and her 12-year-old brother Ethan were in the car with their father, Jason Behrens, who was taking them on vacation to Colorado.
According to KUTV, “we told him we don’t want to go anymore because you are drunk and I don’t want to die, Mackenzie said.
Ethan said he could hear the air whooshing past from oncoming cars as his father swerved toward the other lanes.
But their father, Behrens laughed it off, saying he wasn’t drunk. 
That was when the siblings came up with a plan to draft a text message to send to 911 but would only send it if he swerved one more time which he eventually did and they hit the send button promptly dispatching the message to the authorities.
KTLA reports; “to make it easier for Kearney police to find them, the children convinced their father to stop at a Burger King.
Officers arrived and tested Behrens’ blood alcohol content, which was three times the legal limit, KUTV reported. He faces a charge of DUI and two counts of driving drunk with minors in the car.
“He’s our parent, our other parent. It was hard, but he just pushed us to the point that we had to,” Ethan said”.
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