Animal Farm teaches us that “all men are equal but some are more equal”. Otherwise how does one explain to we mere mortals that it cost a Ferrari F430 owner a mind-bending $40,000 (N12,800,000) to change his driver’s door that another car dented.

In his words, YouTuber ‘Leviathan Toronto’, the Ferrari owner explains in an email to Carscoops; “It was a very painful experience, but on the positive side after experiencing it, I decided to really experience and enjoy the car and forget about everything else (including resale value).” 

“Just how painful was it? Here is one line item from the invoice (out of 60): 28 100815 BDY REMOVE/REPLACE L Frt Door Shell N.A. 19,177.41 * 12.0* T” he pointed out”. 

But it didn’t just end at only the cost of the door shell as other ‘minor’costs soon ballooned the whole cost to the astronomic $40,000 Canadian Dollars, including the cost of 60 hours of labour and a long six months to get all the parts together and fixed.

Who said supercars’s maintenance come cheap?

That door can buy me a very nice car with some change left over for some good times. 

Abeg, wey Taju make e come learn how to change Ferrari doors o? 

Images courtesy of Carscoops
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