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Today we will examine one aspect of our car usage many people tend to overlook in the course of their ‘pimping’or ‘accessorizing’ their cars; the use of car seat covers.

Some people cover the seats of their cars to improve the beauty of the interior of the car, others use it to cover stains or dirts on such seats especially those types that will be difficult to clean or remove. 
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Unfortunately a good number of these people drive cars with side-impact airbags which are mostly located on the side of the seats especially the front seats depending on the make and specification of the car.
Have you ever asked yourself what impact these seat covers will have in the event of a crash or incident and the side-impact airbags needed to deploy to save your lives?
Courtesy of Vijay Laxmi.
First we really need to understand what these SABs are. They are devices that inflate within milliseconds in the event of a crash to cushion and protect your head, chest of sides from injuries arising from such incidents that affect the side of your car.
There are three main types of SABs viz: chest/torso, head/chest combination and the head SABs. But the focus of this write-up is the chest/torso types which are mostly mounted on the inside of the sides of the (mostly) front chairs (depending on the type of car and specifications).
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The benefits of these SABs are self explanatory in the sense that they protect your vital organs from potentially fatal crashes. Even the US’ National Highway Transport Safety Authority estimates that “if all the vehicles on U.S. roads were equipped with head protection SABs, 700 to 1,000 lives would be saved per year in side impact crashes. They also estimates that, in side-impact crashes involving at least one fatality, nearly 60 percent of those killed have suffered brain injuries”,
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Car makers when making the seats whether leather or upholstery usually factor in these side-impact airbags when making the seats especially with stitching the edges of such chairs so that the airbags can safely deploy and deploy fully in the shortest possible time. But many makers of these car seats do not factor this thereby producing, marketing and selling car seat covers that are not compliant with car seats equipped with these side-impact airbags.
From August 2013, to sometime in 2015, Kmart shopping chain in Australia had to recall more than 22,000 seat covers which they realized from testing could prevent side-impact airbags from deploying or fully deploying in the event of a crash.
So have you taken a moment to check if the car you are using has a side-impact airbag and checked if your car seat cover (if you have one installed) are blocking their path of deployment at that moment when you need them the most?
Have you ever taken the time to read this label usually located on the B-pillsr 
You need to realize that any seat cover meant to be airbag friendly must alterations made to it to accomodate the deployment of the airbags and some marketers advertise that you will find a “Seat Airbag Safe” logo on them.
Now you know the dangers that could arise from the improper use of car seat covers when they stand in the way of the side-impact airbags, why don’t you check for your already bought car seat cover while being more careful when shopping so that you will buy the right ones, compliant with the SABs so that you won’t be robbed of your investment;s value in saving your life when it is most needed.
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