Car makers go to great lengths to invent and perfect many features in cars designed to either improve reduction in greenhouse emissions, improve safety, performance or comfort of the occupants of the car.
But it is an established fact that many people do not utilize or under-utilize most of these features.
Reverse camera display in the night.
It cut my heart to hear directly from a Marketing Manager of a major car company in Nigeria who lamented that from their research, they discovered that nearly all their customers who bought one of their models equipped with a Parking Assist (a feature that helps drivers Park a car automatically) never used it. So they discontinued importing cars with that feature because it would amount to having customers who paid for what they never use.
From my personal observations I have also realized that many people just get into their cars, crank the ignition and off they go. 
The only other feature they might use would be the radio and the air conditioning systems. 
Some will even tell you that they avoid using their AC feature to conserve fuel forgetting that car makers over the years have perfected these systems and made them compensate where necessary so that fuel economy is always optimized. 
Some will even drive on the highways with their windows down thinking that driving with the windows down and the air conditioning turned off they conserve fuel not realizing that they are rather consuming more fuel by driving with their windows down. 
This is because as the car moves through the wall of air, the open windows allow air to ram inside the car and hitting the rear windscreen increasing the resistance of the air to the car’s movement. 
But had the windows been wound up, the aerodynamics of the car would be intact, allowing the car to slice through the wall of air and the car won’t have to work extra hard to overcome the resistance of the air. This ease of movement translates to less stress on the engine and lower fuel consumption. I once did an experiment with a friend while on a trip on the highway. 
The BMW car we were driving was equipped with a fuel consumption trip computer that was giving an instant fuel consumption figures. At a point I opened the moonroof and the consumption increased. Then I stuck a hand through the roof and the figures further spiked. Also when we opened the windows the fuel consumption figures also spiked unlike when we drove with the windows wound up with the AC on.
The features in cars these days include the following; moonroof, seat warmers, remote start, DVD, reverse camera, parking sensors, satellite radio etc. But a good number of people hardly bother with using these features that are even already in cars they bought with their money.
For me, I thoroughly enjoy all the features in my loaded Mazda CX7 but somehow I have this soft spot for the reverse camera. It makes my reversing a breeze regardless of the visibility situations.
During the day it’s very clear and and covers all angles well and even in the dark, in addition to the reverse lights, it offers fantastic view of the rear of the car while reversing. In fact, it makes my movement backwards much easier when parking than when I have to drive forwards. The pictures I have attached were taken very late in the night. You can see the clarity of the camera and display.
Once in a while, once the weather favours, I regularly open the moonroof and enjoy the fresh breeze and sometimes too I open it during the day and….sun the crown of my head…lol.
And anytime the weather is cold, be rest assured that I use the seat warmers. I love having a comfortable and cozy ride so I switch on the seat warmers and I also regularly get into the rear seats to enjoy movies from the rear DVD.
I also use the manual side of my Steptronic (automatic/manual) transmission. Once I get in the mood, I flick the gear lever from the D to the manual and engage my gears from 1 to 6.
I enjoin y’all to always utilize all the features of your cars. Otherwise you will just end up paying for and flaunting cars with features that are never used from purchase to resale. And some of these features are also to enhance your safe road usage so let’s all get to know our cars better and use them to the fullest.
We will like to hear from you on this… Tell us the features you love using the most in your cars and why you love them.
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