It is a no brainer never to indulge in dangerous overtaking when driving. Some young folks in Russia confirmed this the very hard, nearly fatal way when they dangerously overtook a car on the highway and slammed head-on into the path of an oncoming truck.

Image courtesy of Carscoops.

Their reckless action caused a massive crash that affected other cars going their jolly way. They took the brunt of the crash as the impact obliterated their car and caused them to be flung all out of the car like rag-dolls allover the road and also directly on the path of the car they were overtaking prior to the crash.

Surprisingly, it is reported that they all survived the incident. According to Carscoops; “the incident happened near the cities of Volosovo and Gatchina in Russia, as five people ended up having to be taken to the hospital with multiple injuries. Apparently, the lorry driver received only minor injuries such as contusions and lacerations.

According to the description, there were four people inside the car, which for a brief moment looked a lot like a Lada 110. The three men, 19, 20 and 26 years of age, as well as a 21-year old girl suffered fractures as well as head injuries.
                                                      Video Credit: Youtube.

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