We are all used to seeing a ‘lesser’car bash (especially rear-end) a more high-end car but once in a ‘matt-black’ moon, a powerful Lamborghini Aventador rear-ends a Volkswagen Tiguan.

This incident occurred in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, China, and not much info was released about the cause of the crash but whatever it was, the owner of that Aventador will definitely cough out (or his insurance firm) huge cash to fix his car.
Ironically the behind of the Tiguan, driven by a young lady didn’t even look like a fly perched on it. The Lambo will never mess with the behind of a Tiguan henceforth.
Imagine this happening in Nigeria, maybe Benz S-Class hitting a Danfo bus, hehehe, the driver of the Danfo will be soooooo excited. Lagosians will understand this.
Images courtesy of NewsChengdu.

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