Yesterday a newly bought Toyota Sequoia was brought to the workshop for fixing.
The engine oil being drained.
After fixing the issues they complained about it was agreed with the owner that we checked the oils because he was hearing noise from the rear drive axle so we also checked the engine oil. The owner was informed that the engine oil was due for changing and he replied that he just changed it two weeks ago.

Fortunately and unfortunately he had earlier told us to change the oils before re-informing us of the recent oil change. The fortunate part was that the oil that was drained out from all indications had not recently been changed. One other good thing was that the owner’s ‘boy’ was there throughout and saw the condition of the drained oil. It was already flat in viscosity, too black and the viscosity was far from what a Mobil 1 would have presented after just two weeks of usage including the sediments present. The oil filter also had seen better days and a far cry from a recently changed oil filter.
The old oil filter.
Moreover, the car has just being bought and we found all the  bolts used in fastening the sump protector still in their strong and rusted state without the tell-tale signs of recently unscrewed bolt, screws and nuts.
The sump bolts and screws.
The owner informed us that he had recently done a long distance trip with the car and will soon make another one. Whoa, without knowing that his engine oil was long over due. That’s how he could have mistakingly knocked his engine on the expressway and the mechanic would tell him he needs to cough out a million Naira to replace his engine.
The essence of this write-up is to buttress what scam most unprofessional and insincere mechanics perpetrate on their patrons and customers. I usually say it that a lot of Nigerians drive Mobil 1 in their minds but in their engines drive one ‘rofo-rofo’ unadulterated base oil gotten as cheaply as possible so that the cheating mechanic can pocket the price differential between Mobil 1 and the cheap oil.
The drained oil which we sent him a bottled sample in addition to the pictures.
Yes, they mostly show you a used container and claimed that was what was poured into your engine but hey, they should show you a video proof if you can not stay and witness the oil change or nominate a reliable proxy for you.
It goes beyond engine oils, as they extend it also to other parts whereby they buy sub-standard parts and use for you after collecting huge sums of money for genuine parts from you.
Always use a standard, tested and trusted workshop. Yes, some of you might say, “eh, they are expensive”. But in the long run, that little savings you assumed you made from visiting quacks you are also going to still expend it re-fixing, re-buying the same part over and over again apart from the costs of having a break-down that might lead to other extraneous expenses both monetarily, physical or psychological. If you read my post of yesterday you would have seen the Toyota Tundra that was well maintained and drove for 1,000,000 miles.
The new oil filter we put in.
Another case that was sorted out yesterday was that of a 1999 Toyota Sienna that the owner claimed to have recently spent nearly #200,000 to fix the suspension bits yet was still having issues with the same suspension system. Infact by the time the rear suspension was brought out, we realized that nothing new was fixed there and his shocks were still good. But the bushings for the shock absorbers were weak. So they were changed and the owner was saved the cost of changing the whole units.
Another terrific discovery we made with the 2014 Sequoia was that in the man’s mind and according to the labels on the right places on the car, the car was made in 2014. But the VIN/chassis number showed that the car actually was infact made in…..wait for this…..2010. We also had to use an AutoBoss diagnostic machine to read the VIN number and confirmed that truely, the car is a 2010 model. God knows the amount of money he must have paid for the car.
This is the label on the seatbelt showing 2014 as the date of manufacture.
For this, only a good Vehicle Pre-Purchase expert could have saved him from such scam. And it is my pleasure to inform you that we also do and have been successfully done since 2004.
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