It has happened again. The other time it was in China where a pack of stray dogs viciously a man’s car for kicking one of them over right of space.

This time, it’s in Turkey’s province of Sakarya where a pack of stray dogs have maliciously and viciously destroyed a man’s Toyota Corolla for no just cause.

‘Men At Work’. Image courtesy of Carscoops.

The man; Cem Acar, a mechanic had parked his car infront of his workshop and went home with another car only to return the following morning to meet the horrendous damage done to his car. Thinking someone had done that, he called in the police and the video footage of the surveillance cameras was watched only for the real culprits to be identified….but not arrested. You want to ‘bell the cat’ with their arrest?

According to him; “I went home with another car after parking my car in front of my shop,” said Acar. “I was shocked to see the damage when I returned in the morning. We thought the incident was a theft attempt and called the police. Later we watched the surveillance camera footage with the police and we saw eight stray dogs tearing the car’s bumper into pieces.”

Sadly the repair cost for the car was over $1500.

                                                        Video credit: Youtube.

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