I have always heard that a lot of girls love a shiny, fine-looking car and will do almost anything just to either ride in or drive one.

Well, this amazing video just proves that verily, verily, it is true.

A ‘Youtuber’ VitalyzdTv did an experiment with a white Lamborghini Mucielago whereby he drove through the streets of a state in America hunting for girls.


When he sees any he drives close and without talking, just by hand gestures or some mumblings succeeded in getting many into his car and driving off with them.

The dangerous part is that they do not even know him yet after putting up a feeble resistance get into the car. In one instance, one lady allowed her friend to convince her into going away with the ‘Lambo man’.

What if this wasn’t an experiment that it was just an someone with an evil intention?

Well, ladies over to you. You either act with decorum or pay the price.

Not all shiny knights are safe for you.

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