Some group of juvenile thieves have been taught a lesson by some Dodge Challenger Hellcat cars they drove three hours to steal.

A trio of teen would-be thieves aged; 16, 17 and 19 years drove all the way from Kansas City to Saint Peters, Missouri around 1:30am last week Friday to steal 4 of the very powerful sedans from Napleton Mid Rivers Dodge dealership.
Well, they though all docile-looking sedans are the same. 
But they were so unprepared for what the 6.7l, 707 hp, 650 ib-ft threw at them that they crashed the cars less than a mile (less than 1.6km) down the road.

Unfortunately, according to Jalopnik; “the dealership will have some difficulty replacing the Hellcats, which will take months before FCA gives them a new allocation, according to the dealership’s general manager. One employee had called the cops when he happened to drive past the dealership and saw car lights on in the lot”. 
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Image courtesy of Wikipedia.
Yes, now i have seen the next car to buy because the engine is just the anti-theft i need. 
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