Last week Saturday, well just two days ago my friend and I had an early morning appointment at Lekki and decided to use his wife’s new Honda Accord, really because, we would expend less fuel on this than on the Ford Explorer.

I drove.
On Third Mainland Bridge, I noticed there was noise coming from the rear brakes, which from experience I deduced was indication that the pads were very worn.
I kept that at the back of my mind and ensured my hand was not far from the hand/parking brake should the need for extra assistance with the braking arise.
While coming back it was getting worse and at that point I drew his attention and he confirmed but was skeptical because he thought he changed the brake pads while tidying the car after it arrived from America. Well, as a mechanic, I confidently told him the brake pads were worn and the culprits were the rear ones.
Immediately we got home he insisted we got to a mechanic workshop to check. We got in and they quickly brought out the pads and we saw ‘wonders’ as the pads were worn but the major issue seemed to be that they were broken from their housing from rusting whoa!
They were changed and I advised him to also change the front ones as very soon as possible because they too would have suffered the same fate as the rear ones and might fail anytime soon. And being at the front, it would be much more difficult to manage the situation if it fails on motion.
See the culprit pads.
The essence of this write-up is to remind us all that when we buy that new car, whether foreign used (tokumbo) or locally used (Naija used), we should comprehensively check all the systems and still keep looking out for other signs till the whole system checks out positively. If we can’t do so personally, get someone with better knowledge or a technically sound person to do so on our behalf.
Another important point is that most women and children of driving age might not pay particular attention to details concerning cars so it behooves on the men to once in a while, drive their cars for a change and use that opportunity to check their car’s systems for them and ascertain their condition.
God saves but the Holy Bible also tells us that “heaven helps those who help themselves”.
Have a blissful week.
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