One of the world’s leading car manufacturer Ford has recalled more than 4500 Kuga Model in South Africa after dozens of them caught fire.
Ford Kuga aflame. Image courtesy of Guardian.
According to Ford SA chief executive Jeff Nemeth, Kuga model of Ford reported burst into flames due to over heating in some part of the engine which leads to oil leak.
“We can confirm that a total of 39 incidents have been reported to Ford … there may be some incidents that have not yet been reported to us.”
Nemeth said that the fires were caused by overheating due to poor coolant circulation that led to an oil leak. “If the oil leak reaches a hot engine component it could potentially catch fire,” he said.
Recalling the vehicles became imminent after 33 years old Reshall Jimmy was burnt to death in his Kuga in 2015.
According to report, a total of 48 cars have reportedly burst into flames of which 11 of them were this month.

South Africa’s motor industry ombudsman Johan van Vreden demanded that “Ford must act – now.”
“One or two vehicles in the same model range catching fire is not unusual‚ but almost 50… it’s crazy‚ especially in a small market like ours,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.
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