It’s no news that auto industries are advancing to driverless or self driving cars. With Google’s Waymu leading in the trend other auto industries like Hyundai, Audi and BMW are already testing the new inventions. Some of you might wonder if the self driving cars will be better than cars with drivers or whether its advantages will surpass the disadvantages. Below are some of the advantages of self driving cars: 
Image credit: Vice News.
Self driving cars could make countless calculations in a matter of seconds, calculations like the distance of your car from an object or another car, the speed and possible time of impact and thus could avoid or minimize accident.
It’s obvious that one of the reasons of heavy traffic jams is as a result of accidents. Due to errorless driving accidents are averted and subsequently traffic jams. On the other hand, traffic jams could be caused as a result of drivers trying to take a route when they are not supposed to. However self driving cars due to it’s complicated technology could calculate and avoid such scenario.
Self driving cars have been programmed to spot available parking spots especially in congested areas where the population is much and spotting a suitable parking space. 

Aside that your car could circle around the building while you go about your business in situations were there is no available parking space.
Self driving cars just like other cars are open to improvements to give a better service to its users. The more the improvement the less errors incurred by the car.
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