Every car comes with atleast two side mirrors. One at the drivers side and the other at the passengers side. Side mirror enables the driver see what’s going on behind especially when changing lanes or trying to overtake another vehicle. Many reckless drivers might not understand the relevance of side mirror. The relevance of side mirror to driving is something one cannot overlook as there are reasons why you should never drive with a faulty side mirror.
Image credit: Mynrma.
It is a very risky move to ride your car into the streets talk more of major roads without a side mirror. Some of the accidents we encounter today is because the driver didn’t have a side mirror to see incoming vehicles.
Aside accidents it’s distracting turning your head backwards just to see incoming vehicles. It would have been easier for you to just look through the side mirror for incoming vehicles especially when changing lanes or overtaking. For professional drivers you could easily reverse your car without looking back but with the help of side mirrors.
Laws may vary from one state or country to another but there is no country where driving with a faulty or without a side mirror is legal. For instance in Nigeria you are in for trouble if the Federal Road Safety Corp( FRSC) should spot you driving without a side mirror.
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