German carmaker Volkswagen has fixed 470,000 cars out of 1.2 million affected by the diesel emission scandal in Britain, the company’s UK managing executive told lawmakers on Monday.
Paul Willis was questioned by British lawmakers most of whom are angry that the German auto maker is yet to be fined by UK talk more of drivers getting their pay.
Image credit: Dastank.
“Out of 1.2 million technical measures which have to be applied, as of today, we have applied 470,000 and at the current rate we are applying these measures to 20,000 cars a week,” Willis told parliament’s transport committee.
John Hayes, Britain’s Junior Transport Minister said he and his boss transport minister Chris Grayling will be going to Germany next month. He added that their visit will prompt an investigation into the company.
“(We) will go to Berlin one month from now to meet the minister … to demand that we’re given the point by point specialized information that will permit us then, in the event that we decided to, to make additionally strides,” Hayes said.
Hayes likewise told officials he will soon meet lawful delegates of shoppers seeking to make legitimate moves against Volkswagen to perceive what help the administration could give them.
In January a British law office propelled legitimate activity seeking a huge amount of Pounds Sterling of remuneration each for UK drivers affected by the carmaker’s emmissions scandal, and different firms have since tried to join the move.
Hayes also told lawmakers he will soon meet legal representatives of consumers seeking to take legal action against Volkswagen to see what help the government could give them.
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