Popular British Formula 1 racing Driver Lewis Hamilton, has revealed his belief on new formula 1 cars saying the car will be a massive challenge.
Lewis Hamilton. Image credit: Wikipedia.
Hamilton said even though he has trained enough, he is not sure if he was fit enough to ride the new formula 1 autos which is presumed to be four seconds a lap faster than 2016.
He also expressed concern that new regulations this season will be unsuccessful and risked making overtaking more difficult.
The 34 years old driver said he is unsure what he needs to do to be fit enough for the formula 1 racing.

“I don’t know if I’ll be easily fit enough, or will struggle a bit or be super-underneath and need to work harder,” Hamilton said.
He said Formula One must update itself to ensure it remains entertaining, emphasizing the need for the new owner, Liberty Media, to engage to a greater extent with fans.
Hamilton lost the world title last year at least partly because he had worse reliability than Nico Rosberg.
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