Norway has revealed its plan to use only electric powered vehicles by 2025.
Within eight years, Norwegian streets will only have electric-powered cars with zero-emission of unsafe gas and vapor. 
An electric car charging. Image credit: JPN.
Researchers say unsafe gas and exhaust deliver toxins, for example, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, benzene, polycyclic hydrocarbons and formaldehyde — each of which can bring about diseases, crop failure, water and natural contamination, and health related issues including infertility.
As at 2016, Norway has 100,000 zero-emission cars out in the streets as reported by Norwegian government portal, 
By 2025, the report says, the greater part of the cars on Norway’s streets could be electric. 
“That’s just eight years away — and if the target seems a little ambitious, it should be noted that the country is already well on its way toward this goal. Electric vehicle (EV) sales already comprise 37 percent of Norway’s car market,” elbil states.
Meanwhile, Norway has been boosting the utilization of zero-emission vehicles since the 1990s. Considering that Norway has a populace of 5.2 million, this number is as of now significant enough for the nation.
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