Acting Honourable Commissioner for Transportation, Prince Anofiu Olanrewaju Elegushi has reiterated the determination of the Lagos State Government to enforce the restriction of Okada from 475 routes in the State and along bridges and highways.

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L-R: Acting Honourable Commissioner for Transportation, Prince Anofiu Olanrewaju Elegushi and the State’s Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni at the site. Image credit: Inside Business.

Visiting the Olusosun dumpsite where the motorbikes are kept alongside the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, the Commissioner noted that they will be crushed as provided by the Road Traffic Law 2012.

He charged law enforcement agencies to continuously ensure the enforcement of the restriction adding that the large number of Okadas seized points to the efforts put into the exercise.

In his comment, the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai owoseni while explaining how the enforcement raids were done by the Nigeria Police, stated that there was a renewed efforts along with other Law enforcement agencies in the State which has led to more seized motorcycles as recorded in the site.
He noted that the State is determined to stem incidences of robbery and violent crime assisted by Okada, hence the Lagos State Government is contemplating total ban of “Okada” in Victoria Island and Lekki.

He observed that prosecution of those arrested as operators and passengers will be handled by mobile courts. He added that Lagosians must know that there is a law and the law has a purpose which must be pursued to its logical conclusion.

Saying about 500 bikes have be confiscated in the recent onslaught, the Commissioner said the Law enforcement agencies involved in the clampdown will continue to act in the overall public safety interest.

He urged residents of Estates to avoid situation where their aides and househelps use okada to commute within the Estates adding that flagrant disobedience of Traffic Laws and Traffic Lights by Okada operators has been a bane of using it for transportation. 

He further called on persons who undertake “Empowerment Scheme” to stop using OKADA for such purpose adding that there are other such schemes with more impact. He called on the people of the State to get themselves well informed by the existing Laws on riding of motorcycles in the State.

Owoseni express dismayed why Lagosians find it difficult to obey the said Law but prepare to contravene then aid thereafter claim ignorance saying “Ignorance is not an excuse in Law”.

He recalled that motorcycles has been banned from plying 475 routes as well as stopping operation by 8pm which he said is not respected and obeyed by the citizens of the State.

The Commissioner of Police advised all motorcycles operators to obey the traffic law of Lagos State which he opined will reduce the challenge encountered in the enforcement of the Law.

Biola Fagunwa
Director, Public Affairs
27th February, 2017

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