Though German auto industry BMW have been shifting attention towards development of advanced autonomous cars, the company said they have at least one decade to achieve such dream.
Image credit: Car  Brand Names.
According to a senior Engineer at the company Dr. Dirk Wisselmann, said it will take the company at least ten years to build a level 5 autonomous cars. 
Wisselmann said you could switch off the autonomous mode if you don’t need it. He said the car will take up the boring part of driving.
“You can switch it on when you need it, and off when you don’t need it. Autonomous driving just takes care of the most boring parts of driving and lets the driver enjoy his BMW when he wants. 
There’s no fun to commute on a very busy highway. But in the countryside, or on winding roads, you’ll still be able – and encouraged – to take matters into your own hands,” he said.
A level 5 automous car will be able to handle unforeseen circumstances without any driver involvement, that is to say it could travel any distance without any human on board.
BMW’s timeline for level 5 autonomous cars is long compared to other auto industries. For instance, Ford promised level 4 autonomous cars by 2021.
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