Nollywood actress cum model Rosaline Meurer working with Big Church Group LTD has debunked rumours that Tonto Dike’s husband, Churchill bought her a land cruiser.
Rose Meurer. Image credit: Lenstroke.
Rosaline speaking in an interview with City People said she saved up and bought the land cruiser with her money.
The Nollywood actress accused of having an affair with Churchill said she has been working really hard and decided to buy herself a birthday present.
Rosaline in her words said; “I have been saving for it. I just felt I have been working really hard. And I have really saved a lot to get this Land Cruiser. It’s for going on set. 
“I used to get Uber for the whole day before. I decided to get an official looking car. It is not that I want a masculine-looking car or anything.
” If I wanted I could have gotten a Range Rover but it is more official. That is why I went for a Land Cruiser. And I thank God for making my birthday a success.
” I bought myself a good birthday present. Something that would help me move around and be stable”
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