​Though we are yet to confirm the manufacturing of this model, it is an auto with a unique concept. The first exhibition of the 2017 Nissan VMotion was in January 2017 at the Detroit Auto Show. 
Nissan VMOTION. Image credit: Net Car Show.
The 2017 Vmotion left a lot of people speechless with the appearance it portrayed. The auto is an edgy sedan enriched with elegant headlights and tail lights with a carefully incorporated fog lamp.
The quality of material used for the interior of the 2017 vmotion is amazing with comfort as the number one priority of the car interior. Series of safety options and modern technologies were incorporated in the car interiors.
The car possesses a unique carbon finisher with a silver threads at the rooflines with a floating roof flow seamlessly from the steeply raked A pillar to the trunk tip.
Though we are yet to ascertain if the car will be powered with diesel, electric or if its a hybrid car, it is empowered with a 2.0 litre engine
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