One of the world’s leading auto industries Mercedes Benz has recalled over 350,000 cars to the company following fire related incidents.
Mercedes Benz cars. Image credit: Mercedes Benz.
According to report, Mercedes recalled a total of 354,434 late model cars between 2015 and 2017 model years. That means Mercedes vehicles manufactured between February 2014 and February 2017 most of which are in US.
Naijacarlovers gathered that thus far 51 cases of fire outbreak have been recorded of which 30 was in the United States market.
 The issue comes from the engine starter. If the starter is blocked due to engine or transmission damage, any subsequent starting attempts might send a very high current through the starter’s current limiter. Repeated attempts to crank the engine might overheat the limiter and melt surrounding components, which can lead to a fire.
The recalled vehicles include 2015-2017 CLA250 (including 4Matic), 2015-2017 CLA45 AMG, 2017 GLA 250 (incl. 4Matic), 2015-2017 C300 (incl. 4Matic), 2017 C300 Cabrio (incl. 4Matic), 2017 C300 Coupe (incl. 4Matic), 2016 C350e, 2016-2017 C450 AMG Sport, 2016 GLC300 (incl. 4Matic), 2017 GLC300 Coupe, 2017 E300 (incl. 4Matic), 2017 E400 Wagon and 2017 E43 AMG.
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