After Uber’s test Driving program for self driving cars was shut down by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Califonia, Uber said they do not need permit to test their vehicles.

However, according to Mercury news report, Uber apllied to DMV, California for a permit to test its self driving cars.
This was confirmed by Gizmodo, Uber spokesman in an email. Gizmodo said Uber is taking steps to complete their application for DMV testing permit.

Gizmodo said; “This cars are legally registered and are being driven manually. We are taking steps to to complete our application for DMV testing permit”.
On the other hand DMV said Uber is yet to submit their application but DMV is offering every assistance they can to help Uber complete her application.
Uber recently moved their test driving program for autonomous cars to Arizona after their self driving test program was stopped in Califonia last December
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