An eight years old boy J.T. Parker has been honored by the Red Cross’s East Idaho Real Heroes on Thursday after saving his father Stephen Parker from being crushed by a car.
Image credit: East Idaho News.
According to Dailymail, in July, 2016, J.T was helping his father fix his Toyota Prius in their home in Sugar City, Idaho when the car slipped from the jack and crushed 13 ribs of Stephen making it difficult for him to breath.
J.T fixed the jack and jumped up and down on the jack for about 15 minutes lifting the 3000lbs of car.
J.T who weighed just 50lbs called 911 to come to his fathers rescue begging his father to breath.
He was airlifted to the hospital and was reported to have not suffered any internal injuries.
Stephen told newsmen that he was unconscious and never knew what happened. He also revealed that he never believe his eight years old son could lift the vehicle.
J.T speaking to East Idaho news; “It was scary, and I didn’t think that I could jack the car up, but I just kept on trying.”
When he was asked what made him think he could muster the strength to lift the car, J.T. simply responded: “Angels.”
The wife of Stephen, Jodi Parker told East Idaho News: “This whole thing is a miracle. There’s no other way to describe it.”
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